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Can I use Connect4 for in-person meetings or phone calls?
Can I use Connect4 for in-person meetings or phone calls?

Use Connect4 for any meeting with clients - whether video meetings, in-person meetings or phone calls!

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Lots of our clients — like many organisations today — operate a hybrid style of working. They mostly meet their clients over video calls (to reap the many benefits of this way of working), but will still meet up in-person once or twice a year. We’ve added option to conduct any meeting with client whether on video, in-person or on the phone.

How to use Connect4 for different meeting types?

When scheduling a meeting, you can select different meeting types to give you all the benefits of using Connect4 for meetings - with or without the video chat.

When not using video, the in-person or phone call mode allows you to still be able to set an agenda, make notes and set actions. As it's used for the meeting, this gives the full functionality of Connect4 to keep a history of meetings while operating in a hybrid working style. This in-person or phone call mode is also handy if your client isn’t able to access a computer — perhaps they’re on speakerphone in a car — allowing you to use Connect4 with them whilst they are on their phone!

How do I set up an in-person or phone call meeting?

When setting up a meeting in your Connect4 pod, you'll have the choice to chose the meeting type. The choices are:

  • Video meeting

  • In-person or phone call

After choosing this, also add the date, time and meeting length for the upcoming meeting. Click "Save meeting" to add into pod.

Explore this article to see more details about scheduling a meeting in Connect4.

August 1, 2022 3:54:32 pm - Screenshot

You'll be able to see the meeting type in your pod view thanks to the tags shown below:


In-person or phone call

What do I do when to start an in-person or phone call meeting?

Just like with a video call, you'll want to setup the pod in preparation for your meeting and when ready to begin.

To prepare the pod, you can setup the agenda to use for guiding the conversation in-person using your screen - perhaps even on a display in a meeting room - or on the phone. Once the agenda is setup, you can use the Email agenda functionality to email the agenda to all the meeting participant. Explore the Email agenda functionality here.

To start using Connect4 for the meeting, navigate to the pod and click "Start Meeting" as shown below:

What will my view be for an in-person or phone call meeting?

After starting an in-person or phone call meeting, you'll have a pod meeting view on the screen featuring two sides.

  • Agenda to guide the conversation. Also, provides access to past meetings and resources.

  • Meeting tool tabs of Minutes, Actions and Private to during the meeting

When done with your meeting hit "End meeting" to formally close the meeting. This will prompt you into the post meeting workflow, however you can go back to complete this workflow when back at the office at a later time.

How do I use Connect4 for post meeting workflows like sharing email with meeting minutes and actions?

Whether your meeting is on a video call, in-person or on a phone call, Connect4 can be used for your client meeting best practices of sharing meeting minutes and agreed actions in an email to all participants.

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