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Post meeting workflow
Post meeting workflow

Connect4 helps you bring more to your post meeting workflow by efficiently using your meeting tools for easy follow-up.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

As client facing professionals know, the meeting doesn't end at the handshake or wave goodbye. The next steps of formalising meeting notes, sharing agreed actions and pulling it all together in a post meeting email progress a relationship forward.

Good news - we've made this easy to do using the during meeting tools! Let's explore how here.

Step 1. End meeting.

Before ending the meeting, decide between the captain and other team members in the pod who will be doing the post-meeting work. Assign that person the role of "Editor" then click "End meeting."

This will bring the person to the post meeting workflow to take the following steps.

Step 2. Update meeting minutes

After finishing a meeting, the meeting host (captain) or team member will leave meeting notes for other participants as a summary of discussion and record for future reference. Writing notes post meeting is simple (especially as Meeting Minutes taken during the meeting convert to the notes automatically).

Step 3. Set actions.

The actions set in a meeting will carry over into the post meeting workflow. After reviewing your meeting minutes, have a look at the actions set in the meeting. Here they can be edited, assigned or new ones created.

Read more here: How do I use actions?

Step 4. Add recordings.

Add a quick video summary to give a high level overview of the session for a brief highlight to other pod members. Or add the URL to a Loom recording for other attendees to view in this section.

Read more here: Add recordings

Step 5. Send summary email.

The ideal book end to a productive meeting is a summary email. Connect4 will send an email to all pod members, regardless of them joining the meeting. Include a personal message and choice if you'd like to add the meeting notes and actions assigned for quick reference to all attendees easily. Also, you can add additional email addresses (hint: your CRM or PM tool email address may be helpful) to ensure the email gets into the right hands - or systems - to get credit for your efforts with clients!

Read more here: Send Summary Email

Hope this post meeting workflow will help your relationships grow - and your workload lighten ;)

Support articles are available in Intercom for customers to access at any time. We will be updating as new updates are made into the system. Below are the nominated new articles and historically created articles for reference.

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