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Why can’t I edit or add to meeting notes?
Why can’t I edit or add to meeting notes?

Meeting minutes are essential to keep note on what was discussed. Designate the editor role in your meeting to edit & add notes.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Meeting minutes can be taken by any of the pod participants during the meeting. However, the participant will need to be designated as "editor" by either the captain or a team member.

How do I assign "editor" in my pod meeting?

When a meeting has started, the captain is automatically assigned as the "editor." You'll find the designation in the top left of the video box as shown here.

The editor role can be assigned by either the pod captain or another team meeting by navigating to the top of your meeting screen where you see "Editor" and simply clicking on the name in yellow. On the video boxes, you'll see the yellow Editor bubble move as the assignment happens.

Who finished the meeting notes after the meeting?

Before ending the meeting, assign the role of "editor" to the person who will do the post-meeting work.

This person needs to be editor to finalise the meeting minutes taken during the meeting.

What does the editor do after a meeting?

The editor will be responsible for the post-meeting work. Connect4 is setup to help deliver best practices post meeting by offering the ability in the pod to:

  • Finalise meeting notes

  • Record 60 second meeting summary

  • Send post meeting email including meeting notes to all participants

Here are articles to help with each:

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