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Completing the meeting summary
Completing the meeting summary

Who completes the meeting summary and how do they do it?

Written by Andrew Jordon
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After each meeting on Connect4 is ended by the Captain there is the option for the meeting Editor to complete a meeting summary. The meeting summary is a video recording of up to 60 seconds in length that is saved in the Previous Meeting feed and is visible to all those within the Pod.

What is a Connect4 meeting summary?

A meeting summary can be recorded by a Pod attendee after each meeting and it is stored within the previous meeting history in the Preparation Room
The video recording can be up to 60 seconds in length and is recorded by the meeting Editor. The 60 second video clip can also be downloaded and emailed to meeting participants.

Who completes the meeting summary?

The meeting summary is completed by the meeting Editor. The Captain can randomly or specifically select who is the summary taker for the meeting. To do so select the 'Not Set' button within the meeting to start the name generator to add a bit of fun to weekly team meetings and keep the whole team on their toes.

Selecting the meeting summary taker:

What to include in the meeting summary?

Well that largely depends on the purpose of the meeting. In 1-1 Appraisal meetings it could be action points to complete by the next Appraisal. In an internal team meeting- it could summarise progress and a short summary of client work resourcing for the week ahead.
At Connect4 team meetings we will watch the previous 60 second meeting summary before starting the next meeting.

How do you complete the video meeting summary?

Once the captain has ended a meeting- the Editor chosen to complete the meeting summary will be able to edit the meeting summary within the previous meeting feed.

To end a meeting, the captain selects the End meeting button (note the next meeting date must be confirmed to End the meeting).

The meeting Editor can then record the summary video and continue to edit any notes taken.

Note: It may at times take a few minutes for the meeting summary video to surface.

If unhappy with the meeting recording you can re-record the meeting summary.

How to check if you have any outstanding meeting summaries to complete

To check if you have any outstanding meeting summaries to complete select 'Feed' in Connect4's top navigation bar.

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