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How to leave meeting notes
How to leave meeting notes

Communication post meeting is key to progressing relationships and that starts with meeting notes output.

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After finishing a meeting, the meeting host (captain) or team member will leave meeting notes for other participants as a summary of discussion and record for future reference. Writing notes post meeting is simple (especially as Meeting Minutes taken during the meeting convert to the notes automatically). Follow these steps:

Step 1: End Meeting. Start Typing.

Before ending the meeting, decide between the captain and other team members in the pod who will be doing the post-meeting work. Assign that person the role of "Editor" then click "End meeting."

The editor will be navigated to the post meeting space. Start typing in the Meeting Notes tab.

Note: The meeting minutes taken during the meeting will automatically be in your Meeting Notes upon ending the meeting so you can refine here after.

Step 2: Notes will be autosaved

While typing away, Connect4 will be auto saving your notes. Double check by looking for the "Saved" message. You can also change the Meeting Name visible in your past meeting notes in the top left.

August 2, 2022 2:41:43 pm - Screenshot

Step 3. Bring more to your post meeting workflow.

Explore how to use the power of recording and sending a summary email. Here are key articles on both to get your started:

Need to Edit Meeting Notes?

When meeting notes need extra polish, there's a quick way to get in that extra shine. Follow these steps to quickly get them updated:

After Step 1: Navigate to the Pod

Find the Pod. Click on the Pod name.

Step 2: Find Past Meeting

On the right panel in Past Meetings find the date of the meeting and click "Edit" on the meeting date/time to access the meet record.

Step 3: Start Typing.

Just like at the end of a meeting, you can start typing to update and Connect4 will auto save as you go.

Hope that helps with all your meeting note needs!

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