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How to use Connect4 with MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or any other video conferencing platform
How to use Connect4 with MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or any other video conferencing platform

Connect4 is designed to complement your video platform of choice.

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When you schedule a new meeting in Connect4, you’re presented with 5 options for hosting your meeting:

  1. Microsoft Teams
    For more information, see: How to use Connect4 with Microsoft Teams

  2. Zoom

  3. Google Meet or any other 3rd-party platform
    For example: GoTo Meeting, BlueJeans, Webex, Whereby

  4. Connect4 native video technology

  5. In-person meeting or phone call

Hosting with MS Teams, Zoom or any other provider (options 1,2 & 3)

The steps required to set up options 1, 2 & 3 are very similar:

  1. Choose a video provider.

  2. Go to your provider of choice and copy your meeting link:

    Here’s how it looks in Microsoft Teams:

  3. Paste your link into the box provided in Connect4:

  4. Complete the remaining fields (name, date, time, length) before clicking Save meeting.

  5. You’ll then be prompted to add the new meeting to your calendar.

    Note that when you add this meeting to your calendar, the link inside the invitation will link back to your Connect4 pod.

  6. Your pod will now show a flashing white button.

    Click this link to start your meeting. This will do two things:

    1. Open the 3rd-party video platform that you specified.

    2. Start your meeting in Connect4. All of Connect4’s tools will be available to use, including; meeting agenda, meeting notes and actions.

      Your clients will see exactly the same layout as you.

      Here’s an example of how it will look when you use Connect4 alongside Microsoft Teams video:

      Connect4 and MS Teams

Host using Connect4 video (option 4)

Option 4 is to use our own native video platform. If you select this option, you don’t need to do any else. When you click Connect to start your meeting, you’ll be taken into a view that incorporates video feeds of the participants and Connect4 meeting tools.

Why use Connect4 video?

Connect4 video is a great solution if you just want to meet quickly and hassle free using your web browser (no additional app required). Connect4 video is a quick and robust option that is designed to be easy to use by everyone.

There are however some caveats:

  • Connect4’s screen share capabilities are not as advanced as Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. If you need to be able to pan, zoom-in and mark-up a screen share, you are advised to use one of the providers listed above.

  • Connect4 video does not have a vast array of backdrop options. You can blur your background, but you cannot add custom image backdrops. If this is something that is important to you and your team, we recommend using MS Teams, Zoom or Google Meet video.

  • In our experience, many people have a clear preference for the video software that is most familiar to them. This will likely be MS Teams or Zoom (the market leaders). We advise using the video platform that your client feels most confident with.

In-person meeting and phone calls (option 5)

You can (and should!) still use Connect4 for in-person meetings and phone calls. Simply select option 5.

All you need to do is start the meeting as usual. You can use Connect4’s meeting tools during your meeting.

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