Microsoft Teams and Connect4 make perfect partners. Using Connect4’s 3rd-party video mode, you can meet using MS Teams video, whilst keeping your meetings smart and actionable using Connect4.

Using the two together can offer the best of two worlds.

  • With MS Teams, you get the familiar video technology that many team members and clients already love.

  • By using Connect4 alongside Teams, you ensure every meeting is a worthwhile one. Follow an agenda and make a clear records of discussions and actions, just like on any other Connect4 meeting.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough

How to set up Connect4 and Microsoft Teams

Connect4 and MS Teams
  1. Start by scheduling a meeting as you normally would.

  2. On the edit meeting screen, select Microsoft Team.
    This brings up an additional box in which to paste a video meeting link (this can be Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet or any other video software).

  3. To get your MS Teams link: In MS Teams click on Calendar. Then click Meet Now, followed by Get a link to share.

    Now head back to Connect4 and paste this link into the location field.

  4. In your pod, you’ll now see a button that says Start meeting. Clicking this will open up your MS Teams video link which you can use alongside your Connect4 meeting.

Watch the video below for a full walkthrough

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