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Use Connect4 with Zapier to integrate with 4000+ apps

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a service that enables you to build your own automated workflows.

It essentially acts as a middleman between one app and another; you specify an activity in one app which will tell another app to do something else.

Over 4000 apps integrate with Zapier, including the likes of Google Calendar, Google Sheets and plus plenty of accounting apps such as Ignition, Pixie and GoProposal.

What can you do with Connect4 and Zapier?

Zapier works by combining triggers — signals for something to happen — and actions — activities to be executed. The combination of a trigger and an action is called a Zap. You can also chain triggers and actions together to form Zaps made up of multiples stages.

Currently the Connect4 Zapier integration has 2 triggers and 2 actions:

Triggers (the start of a Zapier workflow)

  • New meeting action (internal)
    This fires when a new Connect4 action is assigned to someone who is in your Connect4 organisation (ie they’re a team mate).

  • New meeting action (external)
    This fires when a new Connect4 action is assigned to someone from outside your organisation (ie a client or other third-party).

Actions (the end of a Zapier workflow)

  • Find a pod and schedule a meeting
    This finds a specific Connect4 pod (based upon the parameters that you define) and schedules a meeting inside it.

  • Find a pod
    This is just the first part of the above workflow. This is useful for multi-stage Zaps.

How to set up Zapier and Connect4

Important: In order to use Connect4 in Zapier you must have Zapier login and an active Connect4 organisation (either trial or paid subscription).

Step one: Chose a trigger or action

i) Create a new Zap in Zapier. Decide whether you want Connect4 to act as the trigger or the action.

ii) Select Connect4 from the list of apps.

iii) Select the trigger or action you want to occur. Click Continue.

Step two: Copy API key

i) You’ll be prompted by Zapier to sign in to Connect4.

ii) In Connect4, click on your avatar in the top right corner and select My integrations. Turn the Zapier switch on to reveal your Organisation Alias and API Key.

iii) Copy and past these into Zapier and click Continue.

iv) Click Test trigger in Zapier to confirm that the set-up has worked. You won’t need to connect Connect4 to Zapier again as it should now show in your Zapier Connected Apps.

Example Connect4 Zaps

The limit to using Zapier is often your imagination — there are literally thousands of ways to use the app!

Here are a couple to get started:

Connect4 & Google Calendar

  1. Google Calendar: Schedule a meeting

  2. Connect4: Find a pod and set a meeting the same details.

Connect4 & Notion

  1. Connect4: Assign a meeting action to a team mate

  2. Notion: Create a new item in a to-do list.

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