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How do I set up Connect4 for my company or firm?
How do I set up Connect4 for my company or firm?

Unlock the full power of Connect4 by setting up your organisation on the platform.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

In order to create your own meeting pods, you need to set up your organisation on Connect4. You get a 7-day free trial once you’re up and running and you don’t need to add any card details, so what’s stopping you?!

Create an organisation

Registering your organisation on Connect4 is super easy.

From your main dashboard, you’ll see two boxes:

  1. My personal pod allows you to host ad-hoc meetings for free.

  2. Create a meeting pod will take you through to set up your organisation.

Click on Get started underneath Create a meeting pod.

Fill out your organisation name

You should now see this screen:

Simply type out the name of your organisation, hit Go and you’re all done!

Organisation settings

After you’ve added your organisation, you’ll be taken to your organisation settings:

From here you can add team members manually or import them via Karbon practice manager.

What does deleting an Organisation do?

Deleting an organisation will delete all associated team members access to pods they have created and all meeting summaries or saved resources i.e. be sure you want to delete an organisation before going ahead! You will continue to have access to any pods you are an attendee of.

You will need to confirm the warning message that appears in order to confirm the action:

If you have any questions as always you can click on the yellow icon on the bottom right of your screen and type a question.

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