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How to integrate Xero Practice Manager and Connect4
How to integrate Xero Practice Manager and Connect4
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What is Xero Practice Manager?

Xero Practice Manager (XPM) is an accounting practice management system from Xero. It allows you to assign tasks, track time and integrates directly with Xero.

What does the Connect4 and XPM integration do?

Import your teammates from Xero Practice Manager into Connect4.

What do you need for this integration to work?

Steps to integrate XPM & Connect4

Step 1: Access My integrations via the dropdown menu from your avatar in the top right corner.

Step 2: Click the toggle button next to XPM. This will reveal a button prompting you to sign in with your Xero account.

Step 3: Sign in with Xero (if you haven’t already).

Step 4: Invite your team members

Head over to My organisation. You should see your Xero teammates listed. Click the green button to invite them via email.

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