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Using Xero Single Sign-on (SSO)
Using Xero Single Sign-on (SSO)

How to login to Connect4 using Xero Single Sign on

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

To get going with your meetings and client management even quicker you can now use your Xero credentials to login to Connect4.

New user who has not registered with Connect4 previously

If you are new to Connect4, or you are inviting a client or team member to Connect for the first time they can register with Connect4 using their Xero credentials.

Simply select 'Sign up with Xero' and Connect4 will register your account using your email address used to login to Xero.

Once connected you, or your clients or customers, will be able to access Connect4 from anywhere using Xero credentials.

Current Connect4 user connecting their Xero login details

If you already have a login to Connect4, in two simple steps you can now connect your Xero login to Connect4.

Firstly select 'My profile' and then click 'Connect Xero Account'

And that's it- Xero and Connect4 are connected.


What if my Connect4 registered email and Xero registered email are different?

Your connect4 emails will be sent from the email you registered on Connect4 with, nothing will change other than the ability to be able to login with Xero.

Are further integrations with Xero and Xero Practice Manager coming?

Yes! A number of improvements to synchronise clients from XPM and Connect4 as well as synchronise actions are in development.

Will I be able to login with other SSO options?

Yes- further single sign on options with other providers such as Intuit Quickbooks are in development.

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