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Is there a downloadable Connect4 app?
Is there a downloadable Connect4 app?

Quickly access Connect4 by adding it to your mobile or tablet's home screen with Chrome.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Connect4 is a web browser based application. There is not a downloadable Connect4 app, however the website can be added to your mobile device's home screen to access just like an app.

Let's explore how for Chrome users.

Step 1. Open phone browser.

Open up your phone's Chrome browser. Type into the URL

Step 2. Login.

Once navigating to the URL, you'll be prompted to login. Just enter your login as you normally would on your computer.

Upon logging in, you'll have access to all your pods to connect, view pod details, and even some edit functionality.

Step 3. Save Connect4 as an App

To add Connect4 to your home screen navigate to the top right corner of browser window and click on the three vertical dots.

In the menu, choose "Add to Home Screen" then choose the name for the home screen and click "Add."

Navigate to your homepage and find the icon. You can move around on your screen as you'd like.

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