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Can I join using my mobile?
Can I join using my mobile?

Join a Connect4 pod across devices - including your mobile!

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Connect4 is a browser based meeting platform. As such, you can join any Connect4 meeting using your mobile's web browser to connect.

How to join?

Join a Connect4 meeting on your mobile:

  1. Go to on your mobile's browser to access to the meeting pod.

  2. Click on a meeting link in a calendar invitation to be navigated into your phone's browser.

First time joining on your mobile?

Make sure to login (top right corner) to connect as yourself and access all your pods and meetings setup under your registered account.

What happens if I don't login?

Good news, you will still be able to join the meeting thanks to our guest entry! However, your experience will not be as a registered user - you will not be able to run the meeting as a meeting captain or team member as well as access other meeting tools.

Can I screen share on my mobile?

Mobile browsers do not currently support screen sharing on mobile devices, including tablets. If you need to share your screen during a Connect4 meeting, plan to use a computer.

What will my meeting experience be on my mobile?

You'll be able to join the meeting, see other participants and access the other meeting tools (when logged in as a registered user) on my mobile device.

The mobile interface can be varied depending on your mobile device and browser used. You may find that holding your phone in landscape or resizing the screen (using screen gestures) may help in your experience.

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