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Can I restore the previous meeting's agenda?
Can I restore the previous meeting's agenda?

Quickly get an agenda setup in a pod by restoring the previous meeting's agenda and adjusting from there.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Meetings are progressive. Often the agenda used from the prior meeting in a pod is a solid place to start when setting the agenda for a new meeting. Connect4 allows pod captains and team members to copy the agenda from your most recent meeting. Let's explore how.

Step 1. Schedule a meeting. Edit agenda.

To get your agenda for the next meeting, first navigate to the pod the meeting will be held to schedule the meeting. Here's a step by step guide how.

Once scheduled, it's time to edit the agenda. In the pod view, the scheduled meeting will show in the Upcoming agenda tab. Click on Edit agenda to get to the agenda builder.

Step 2. Restore last agenda.

Rather than building the agenda items from scratch or using the templates, navigate to the bottom left to find "Restore last agenda" and click it.

A pop up window will come up asking if you'd like to restore agenda. Click "OK" to go ahead.

Step 3. Keep last agenda or edit as needed.

The last agenda will not be shown in the agenda builder. You can save or make the appropriate edits then click "Exit to pod" to commit the agenda for the meeting.

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