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How to schedule a meeting?
How to schedule a meeting?

Scheduling a meeting in your pod is quick & easy. Learn how here.

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Pod setup, check! Members added, check! Meeting scheduled, huh...knew I forgot something!?

Connect4 is all about meetings so we've made scheduling a meeting quick & easy. Let's explore how here.

Pod dashboard

When logging into Connect4, you'll be brought to your pod dashboard. Here you'll see tiles for each pod you've created or are a member of. As a pod captain or team member, you have the ability to setup meetings from here.

Step 1: Find tile. Schedule a meeting.

Fine the pod tile you're looking for. (FYI - Clusters may help here if you have lots.) At the bottom of the time, click on "Schedule a meeting."

Step 2: Meeting details.

Choose the type of meeting it will be:

  • Video meeting

  • In-person or phone call

Note: In-person or phone call allows you to make use of agenda, make notes and set actions - just exclude the onscreen video functionality..

Add the date, time and meeting length for the upcoming meeting. Click "Save meeting" to add into pod.

Step 3. Add to calendar

Click "Add to my calendar" and choose from the drop down the appropriate calendar Connect4 supports.

Step 4. Update invite in calendar. Save.

Based on the calendar chosen above, you'll be navigate out of Connect4 into that system.

The invitations in that system will show based on pod setup & previous steps:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Duration

  • Emails for pod participants

  • Pod meeting link

Adjust the meeting invitation according to your preferences. This may include:

  • Calendar Invite name (default is pod name)

  • Meeting reminder/notification

  • Recurrences

  • Meeting description

Hit Save or Send as per the calendar system you use for the invitation to be sent to all pod participants.

Step 5. Done.

Navigate back to Connect4 and click "Done" to return to the pod dashboard.

In the Pod

You can also schedule a meeting from inside the pod.

Step 1. Navigate to Pod.

When in the pod, the pod captain or team member will have access to the "Schedule a meeting" button. Click here to start the workflow and follow Steps 2 - 5 outlines above.

Support articles are available in Intercom for customers to access at any time. We will be updating as new updates are made into the system. Below are the nominated new articles and historically created articles for reference.

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