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Export your meeting data
Export your meeting data

We provide an easy way to export all of your meeting data.

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IMPORTANT: Connect4 will be ceasing to operate from the 23rd December 2022. You must export all of your data before this date as it will be deleted afterwards.

How to export your data

Exporting your data is really easy. Start by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and selecting Export data.

If you are the account owner, you will see two buttons:

  1. Export data from Connect4
    This will export ONLY the data for each meeting for which you were associated with, ie: any meeting where you were a member of the relevant pod.

  2. Export Owner data from Connect4
    This will export ALL the data for every meeting across your organisation (including those where you may not have originally set up the pod or be a member of).

Team members (ie not the account owner) will only see the first button and can therefore only export their own data.

It is therefore recommended that the owner is responsible for exporting the relevant data, as team members will not necessarily have access to data from every client meeting.

What data is provided?

Data is provided in an .xlsx format (Microsoft Excel). The following information is provided for each meeting entry in Connect4:

  • Date

  • Meeting name

  • Client or pod name

  • Minutes

  • Privates notes (only your own)

  • Team notes

  • Agenda

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