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How to convert legacy pods to client pods
How to convert legacy pods to client pods

Transferring old pods in the new client dashboard view

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Customers who joined prior to October 2022 will have been used to an older dashboard for displaying meeting pods. The new system is designed to be a clear representation of your client portfolio, with all team pods now sitting separately inside Team huddles.

The new client pod layout is designed to make it much easier to manage your meetings.

Differences between ‘old’ pods and ‘new’ client pods

Old pods

  • Accessed through All pods.
    This section will eventually be removed once we’re confident that all of our customers have been able to transition over to the new way of working.

  • Need to explicitly be given a title. This often ended up being the client name.

  • Must be set to public for all team members to be able to see them.

  • Can’t be archived, only deleted.

New pods

  • No need to provide a title, the pod name is just the client name.

  • All client pods are visible to all team members.

  • Clients can be ‘inactive’ and therefore not contribute to your overall pod allocation.

How to transfer old client pods into the new client pod format

Customers with old pods will see one of two scenarios when they access Clients:

Your old pods will likely not show here. Converting your old pods into the new format is easy however and can be done in several ways.

Before we get to those however, you should ensure that you’re created a list of your clients in the Clients section. You can do this by importing your full portfolio from Karbon. Alternatively, if you’re not a Karbon user, you can enter your client manually (using the green Add client button) or send a CSV file to [email protected].

Method 1

  1. Click one of your newly created clients.

  2. You’ll be presented with a dropdown where you can choose to assign one of your existing pods to this client. Alternatively you can create a brand new pod.

  3. Job done! Now when you click into that client, you’ll see all of your old meetings from your old pod.

Method 2

  1. Head to All pods. Select an old pod that you would like to convert.

  2. Click Edit pod.

  3. In the client section, select the relevant client and click save.

  4. This will now show up in the new Client pod view!

Method 3

You can actually quickly assign an old pod to a new client entity very quickly on meeting creation.

  1. Click New meeting.

  2. In the Client section, select a client.

  3. If you do not currently have an old pod assigned to this client, you’ll be prompted with a dropdown to select an existing pod. Simply choose the correct old pod and click Assign client to a pod.

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