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Connect4 Microsoft Teams app
Connect4 Microsoft Teams app

How to use Connect4 inside Microsoft Teams

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The Connect4 app brings best practice accounting meeting agendas right inside Microsoft Teams. Experience some of the unique aspects of the Connect4 client meeting platform for free alongside the video software you already know.

Getting started

  1. In Microsoft Teams, click on Apps and search for Connect4. Click Add.

  2. Follow the instructions to finish installing Connect4. You will need to sign up for a free Connect4 account.

Using the Connect4 Teams app

Once you’re inside the Connect4 app you’ll see three main tabs:

  1. Personal agendas

  2. Shared agendas

  3. Expert agendas

Personal agendas

Create a meeting agenda by clicking Add item to add talking points. To save as a template, click the Save as template switch and add a unique template name. You can opt to either share this across your whole MS Teams team or keep the template personal.

Shared agendas

The Shared agendas tab is where you can access all of the agendas that have been shared across your team.

Expert agendas

The Expert agendas tab contains a library of free accounting meeting agenda templates written by some of the leading experts in the industry.

On the left hand side, you’ll see several categories. Click the drop-down buttons to browse the expert agenda templates.

You can modify a template by clicking Edit. You can then save as a unique template, just like you can with personal templates.

Using an agenda template during a Teams video call

In addition to using the app tabs, you can also bring up a sidebar to display an agenda right inside a Connect4 meeting.

  1. Click on apps and select Connect4.

  2. Choose the DEFAULT pod and click save.

    Alternatively, if you’re an existing user and have already created your own meeting pods, you can select one here. A meeting record will be created inside that meeting pod. Ignore this step if you do not have a paid Connect4 account.

  3. You’ll now be able to select which agenda you like to use from your personal, shared and expert libraries.

The agenda that you choose will be accessible to anybody who accesses this meeting from the same Teams organisation.

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