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How does Connect4 work for my clients?
How does Connect4 work for my clients?
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How do I invite my clients into a Connect4 meeting pod?

Meeting pods are where meetings are recorded in Connect. They’re also a place to keep track of actions and store documents.

Inviting a client into a meeting pod is easy. Simply add their email address when you create a new pod.

Your client will then receive an email that will look something like this (with your branding at the top).

Image: An example pod invite email with custom branding

NOTE: If you don’t want your client to receive a pod invite and would rather explain Connect4 to them separately, simply uncheck the option marked Send pod invites to new members.

How do I invite my clients to a meeting on Connect4?

Invites for meetings held on Connect4 are sent via your calendar, just like any other event. Connect4 does not send meeting invites directly from the platform.

It’s really easy to add a Connect4 meeting to you and your clients’ calendar.

Start by scheduling a meeting. Once you’ve filled out your meeting details and clicked Done, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’re prompted to add the meeting to your calendar.

Image: Adding a meeting to your calendar

Once you’ve selected your calendar provider, your calendar event will be pre-filled with your clients’ email addresses and a link to your meeting pod.

Here’s how it looks in Outlook (

Image: An example calendar invite in Outlook.

Alternatively, you can click the Copy invitation button if you want to send a link to your client without using your calendar.

Please join me in our meeting pod on 20th July 2022 at 1:00 pm:
How do my clients access Connect4?

There are two main entry points into a Connect4 meeting:

  1. From a calendar invite. Your client simply follows the link specified in the calendar invite (described above). This link takes your client directly to their meeting pod.

  2. From the pod dashboard. If your client has registered on Connect4, they will be able to access their meeting pod directly from the Connect4 dashboard.

    NOTE: if your client doesn’t register, they will still be able to access the meeting pod via their calendar invitation.

Do my clients have to register to access Connect4?

You clients do not have to register with Connect4 in order to access their meeting pod. However, access to certain parts of a meeting pod are restricted to people who have a login, for security reasons.

What do my clients see when they log in as a guest?

If not logged in, clients are still able to access Connect4’s native video or any 3rd party video. Tools including notes, actions and agendas are however blurred out.

Image: How meeting looks for clients who do not register (with custom branding).

What do my clients see when they access Connect4?

If you have a paid subscription, your clients’ pods will be fully branded with your logo and colours.

In the example below ‘Accountable’ is the name of a fictitious accounting firm.

What tools do my clients have access to?

Connect4 is purposefully designed to promote transparency and accountability. For this reason, what your clients see is very similar to what you see (as long as they’re logged in).

There are only two tabs that your client won’t see:

  • Private notes. Your clients won’t see anything you write into your private notes. They will however have their own space where they can record their own private notes.

  • Team notes. Your client won’t be able to see anything you write in Team notes to share with your team. They do not have their own Team notes tab.

In addition, on the Agenda tab, your clients will see a button that says Suggest a talking point. This enables them to add talking points to the upcoming agenda for you to either accept or decline.

Image: How a pod looks for a fully registered client (with custom branding).

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