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Google Calendar Chrome Extension BETA
Google Calendar Chrome Extension BETA
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We’re soon to officially launch our Google Chrome extension that integrates directly with your Google Calendar.

The extension is available to try our right now. Just click the button below to start using it.

How to set up the Connect4 Chrome extension

  1. Add the extension to Google Chrome by clicking the link above, or by following this link.

  2. In Connect4, head to My integrations. Click on the Personal keys tab and click Generate keys. Copy the API key.

  3. Click on the Connect4 Chrome extension icon, or open the extension from chrome://extensions/.

  4. Paste your API key into the box and click save.

    You’re all done!

What does the Connect4 Chrome extension do?

The extension integrates with Google Calendar, allowing you to do two things:

  1. Create events in Connect4 in existing pods, from your Google Calendar.

  2. View all of your upcoming meetings at a glance.

This feature is still undergoing development. Please get in touch if you have any feedback on this beta release.

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