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Blur or change your background on Connect4 video
Blur or change your background on Connect4 video

How to blur or change background on Connect4

Written by Andrew Jordon
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You can host meetings on Connect4 in a variety of ways whether it be in person, via a phonecall, using a third party video platform like Zoom or using Connect4's own web based video conferencing.

You can blur your native Connect4 video or add a background to your Connect4 calls for free by utilising a third party tool such as SnapCamera or Mmhmm.

How to blur your background

Simply select the blur icon on your screen whilst in a native Connect4 video call.

How to change your video background on Connect4 with Mmhmm

  1. Firstly download third party tool Mmhmm, which is a video presentation app.

  2. Once downloaded you may need to refresh your browser you are using Connect4 with, especially if using the Chrome web browser.

  3. Give it a try with your Personal Pod meeting room- by selecting 'My personal pod'.

  4. Click the big mint green, 'Connect' button.

  5. Change Video camera device

Note: the Mmhmm app needs to be open in order for the Connect4 video feed to show. You also change your background via the Mmhmm application as opposed to within Connect4.

If you see the screen below you will need to open the Mmhmm app or change your video source.

How to change your background whilst in a Connect4 Video Call

Select 'Settings' within your top bar of the video call as shown below. Then simply change the video camera device as above.

How do clients change their background on Connect4?

If your clients or customers wish to have a blurred background or a background slide they will too currently need a third party tool. There is a feature on the Connect4 roadmap where this will become possible without the need to use a third party tool.

For further advice on Mmhmm please read their support article available here.

If you need any help with Connect4 video please do get in touch or utilise using Connect4 with a third party video tool.

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