Connect4 pods have built-in videoconferencing. But if you’d prefer to use a 3rd party video tool instead, you can. Simply copy a link to a Zoom, MS Teams or Google Meet call (or any other provider) into your Connect4 pod settings and use two tools concurrently.

Step 1: Select 3rd party video in meeting settings

When you schedule a new meeting or edit an existing one, you have several options for how the call should be set up.

a) Under Meeting type, make sure you have Video selected.

b) Choose the 3rd party video option instead of Connect4 video.

c) In the Location field, paste in a link to a 3rd party video call.

If you opt to add this meeting to your calendar, the link to your Connect4 pod will still be automatically added to the calendar entry.

Step 2: Start meeting from your pod as usual

When inside your Connect4 meeting pod, the usual Connect button is replaced by Start meeting. Your guests will see a Join meeting button instead.

When it’s time for your meeting, clicking the Start meeting button to automatically open both your 3rd party video tool (Zoom in the case above) and your Connect4 pod. Your guests will do exactly the same; clicking Join meeting will open both the Connect4 meeting tools and the 3rd party video software.

Step 3: During meeting

When you use a 3rd party video tool instead of Connect4, you will see a slightly different layout in the meeting. Instead of seeing other users’ video feeds on the left, you’ll see your agenda, with meeting notes on the right.

Meanwhile your 3rd party video software will be open in another window. This makes this a perfect setup for use on multiple screens as you can have Zoom / Google Meet open on one screen, whilst you follow an agenda and make notes on another screen in Connect4.

Step 4: End meeting

When you get to the end of your meeting, don’t forget to click End meeting in Connect4. This will allow you to finalise your meeting notes and actions before sending a summary email.

Your meeting will show in your past meeting history as normal.

Why host a call with a 3rd party tool?

Connect4’s built-in video is quick and secure and works on all major browsers (the technology used is actually very similar to that which is used in Google Meet). That’s why the majority of users find it convenient to simply use the Connect4’s native video tools.

However, choosing 3rd party video might be convenient in certain situations. For example with clients who are highly accustomed to a certain tool and find it easier to simply use what they’ve always used.

Using Connect4 alongside a 3rd-party video tool means that you can still set meeting agendas, make public, personal and shared team notes and assign actions, but you don’t have to actually use Connect4 video itself if you don’t want to.

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