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Three steps our most successful customer did to get started.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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We asked our most successful customers who've run hundreds of meetings run on Connect4 how they got started. Here are their top 3 tips to take - in order - in your first day

Your team can help you setup client pods, create and deliver meetings, and be assigned actions to progress workflow all in the same account. Add team members on your My organisation page.

You came for easy meeting workflow. Get meeting on Connect4 by setting up a pod - we suggest one pod for each client, prospect or team. Get started by creating a pod on your My pods page

3. πŸ‘‹πŸΌ Run a meeting in that pod

Get stuck into the "Prepare, Meet, Act" workflow of pods by:

Bonus: πŸ“Š Meeting insights

This is relationship management made easy. Get insights on your pods and team pods by automatically tracking components of the Prepare, Meet, Act workflow. Run insights on, well, your Insights page (P.s. do the previous three steps first).

Want to talk with our team? Use the Yellow bubble on your screen to get help πŸ‘‹

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