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How to cancel a scheduled meeting?
How to cancel a scheduled meeting?

We may not like it, but sometimes meetings get cancelled. Let's learn how to cancel a scheduled meeting in Connect4.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

You've done all the prep for your upcoming meeting. But, the meeting time needs to be cancelled. While the option to reschedule is always available, this one doesn't have a set time.

We're been there too. Let's go through the quick steps to cancel any meeting from a Connect4 pod.

Step 1: Navigate to pod.

In the pod, a pod captain or team members will be able to edit the meeting time for an upcoming meeting. Click on "Cancel meeting" to get started.

Step 2: Click ok.

A separate window will come up, click Ok to cancel the meeting in the pod.


You'll be brought back to the pod home. Nothing else to do other than get that next meeting booked in!

Support articles are available in Intercom for customers to access at any time. We will be updating as new updates are made into the system. Below are the nominated new articles and historically created articles for reference.

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