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How to with Hubspot
How to with Hubspot

Explore how to use Hubspot & Connect4 together as a stellar client relationship duo.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Did you know you can use Connect4 with Hubspot? For many businesses, Hubspot is a key component of their client relationship development. Increasingly, the same is said about Connect4.

Let's explore here how the two work together when working with clients, customers and prospects.

  1. Schedule a meeting

  2. Meeting summary email

Schedule a meeting

At Connect4, we use Hubspot's meeting tool to share our calendar and make it easy to book meetings with prospects and customers. And, we even add a link for Connect4 pods to host the meetings using our tool. You can too!

Step 1. Go to your Meetings in Hubspot

For created meeting links, simply click Edit to update your meeting location with a Connect4 meeting pod link.

In the above example, we've shown an example using a Connect4 user's My personal pod (your URL will look different). My personal pod works great for discovery meetings or ad hoc team conversations.
Alternatively, we had customers who use the link to meet with clients. Registered users will always see the pods they are participants of to join the meeting.

Step 2. Set agenda in Connect4.

In Connect4, hosting a meeting starts with pre-meeting work as a best practice. You'll want to ensure the meeting you have booked in is scheduled in the Connect4 pod. Then setup the agenda for that meeting. Explore our agenda functionality here.
​Step 3. Share agenda. Participants Suggest a talking point.

Once you've set the agenda, or in a time line close to your meeting. Use the Email agenda tool to automatically email all the pod participants with the agenda ahead of meeting. They can access the pod using the email link to join the meeting or to Suggest a talking point ahead of the conversation.

Meeting summary email

Step 1: End Meeting. Draft Summary Email.

Upon ending the meeting, the host (aka. captain or team member) will be navigated to the post meeting space. After completing Meeting Notes and adding any Recordings, navigate to the "Summary Email" tab to start drafting an email to all attendees.

Step 2: Choose email content. Hit Send.

Choose what content you'd like to include in the body of the email to the pod members. These option are:

  • Meeting notes in full

  • Outstanding actions

  • Personal message

Check the box you'd like to have included in the body of the email.

When selecting "personal message" type up your message to be sent to all those included - this is your space to impress.

Step 3: Check your Hubspot Account

The email will be sent to all pod members - including you. As your Hubspot account is set up using your email address, you'll also receive a copy of the Connect4 Summary Email sent post meeting in all the associated Company and Contact records.

Hope this article has helped! Please rate it and add comments below to help us ensure we're covering the questions that are top of mind for our Connect4 Community.

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