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Can I see people when screen sharing?
Can I see people when screen sharing?

Use Connect4's picture in picture to make screen sharing more comfortable when using native Connect4 video

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see who you’re talking to at the same time as sharing or viewing a screen share?

Well, now you can! We’ve added a handy little picture-in-picture button to the top right corner of each video screen. This pops the video out, over the top of your browser window, ready to be repositioned wherever you need it.

Let's explore how to use it!

Step 1. Join Connect4 meeting. Find Picture in Picture button.

Once you've joined a meeting, have a look at the video frame to find the Picture in Picture button on the top left corner.

Choose the speaker you'd like to follow and click that Picture in Picture button on their video frame.

Step 2. Share screen.

Click the Share screen button in your meeting. When you share your screen the Picture in Picture will be overlaid on the screen share.

This will be the same experience if someone if sharing their screen with you.

Step 3. More or enlarge Picture in Picture Frame.

The Picture in Picture can be moved by simply dragging around your screen. Also, you can hold any of the corners to expand the size of the Picture in Picture frame as well.

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