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How to with AccountancyManager
How to with AccountancyManager

Use Connect4's post meeting email workflow to sync with your team’s AccountancyManager workflow.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

We’re so happy you’re using Connect4 for your client meetings! Many have asked how best to use Connect4 alongside the practice management system, AccountancyManager. With their email manager, the emails sent from Connect4 are picked up in AccountancyManager for your team’s workflow!

Let's explore the workflow starting in Connect4.

Step 1: End Meeting. Draft Summary Email.

Upon ending the meeting, the host (aka. captain or team member) will be navigated to the post meeting space. After completing Meeting Notes and adding any Recordings, navigate to the "Summary Email" tab to start drafting an email to all attendees.

Step 2: Choose email content. Hit Send.

Choose what content you'd like to include in the body of the email to the pod members. These option are:

  • Meeting notes in full

  • Outstanding actions

  • Personal message

Check the box you'd like to have included in the body of the email.

When selecting "personal message" type up your message to be sent to all those included - this is your space to impress.

Now, switch over to AccountancyManager.

Step 3: Check your AccountancyManager Email Manager

The email will be sent to all pod members - including you. As your AccountancyManager account is set up using your email address, you'll also receive a copy of the Connect4 Summary Email sent post meeting in your Email Manager.

This email will have the personalised message, the meeting minutes and actions for the attendees to move forward on. This is where you’ll want to start using your AccountancyManager workflows.

Step 4: Link the email to the client

From within Email Manager, you can link the email directly to your client's file. Once linked the email will appear on the Client Timeline providing a record of the meeting and allowing you to refer to the Connect4 meeting notes/actions at any point.

Step 5: Create tasks for your team

Create and assign tasks in AccountancyManager from the email. You can create multiple tasks for each outstanding action and assign them to different team members; all outstanding tasks that have been created from the email are displayed against the email along with the task deadline.

Step 6: View, action, complete

The tasks will then appear on the task list where the assignee can quickly view the email along with any notes that were left when creating the task. The HTML links within the email allow the assignee to view the outstanding actions and view the meeting within Connect 4 at the click of a button.

If you haven’t been into your Email Manager yet, you can access it by navigating to Tool > Email Manager.

Hope this article has helped! Please rate it and add comments below to help us ensure we're covering the questions that are top of mind for our Connect4 Community.

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