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Managing a pod
View your teams pods?
View your teams pods?

Want to see if your team member has a pod setup for a client already? Flick the switch on the top right of My pods.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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In most organisations, there is usually more than one person working with each client. Team member pods in Connect4 takes the guess work out of knowing who else may have a pod for the client you are meeting with.

Simply flick the switch over where it says 'Only show my pods'.

This view will show all of your team members pods that they have made "Visible to all team members" upon setup.

As a team member, you will be able to click into any of the pods shown in the Team member pods to view basic information without being a pod participant. This basic information includes: Pod name, Pod description and Pod participants. The other information will not be available as shown below.
Note: If you are the account owner of the organisation you will be able to see the contents of the pod as well.

To get a full view, you'll be directed in the pod to the right person to ask to be invited to the pod.

Existing pod

Do you have existing pods that you're not sure are visible to your team? It's easy to check!

Go to a pod you are a member of and select 'Edit details'

Here look for the toggle for "Visible to all team members" to see if it's visible:

  • Blue = visible

  • Grey = not visible

Visible to team member switch on edit pod.

Keep the toggle blue to ensure all your team members are able to see the pod in the Team member pods view.

New pod

When creating a new pod, the Visible to all team members will be automatically toggled on. If you want to keep a pod entirely private potentially for a team member appraisal or a private meeting- just toggle off.

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