Coordinating diaries to schedule a meeting has become easier thanks to great scheduling applications like Calendly and Hubspot. Take advantage of this great kit as a facilitator to book in your next meeting then add the Connect4 pod meeting link to host the meeting using the dedicated pod workflows.

Let's explore two processes that can be used: My personal pod or general Connect4 URL.

Step 1: Update Calendly link

When first setting up Calendly, you'll be asked to provide a default meeting link to indicate where you'll be meeting. For many this has been a personal video conference meeting room, but given the shift to hybrid many are needing to change this.

With Connect4's My personal pod feature, you can use the pod's link as a default location for all your meetings.

Step 2: Schedule meeting

Allow people to book in meetings using Calendly. The meeting invitations will automatically use your My personal pod URL for meeting participants to use for the meeting.

Step 3: Click URL. Connect to meeting.

Once ready for the meeting, use the link in a calendar invitation to start or enter the My personal pod directly in Connect4. Use the Connect button to enter the pod while checking your audio & video first then kick off the meeting.

During the meeting, an unregistered meeting participants will be able to connect using the video meeting function, however will have the agenda blurred out and they will not have access to it. When meeting participant is a logged in registered user, they will see the agenda.

My personal pod owner view

Want to use a specific client pod instead?

To do this, you'll want to use holding language to indicate the location will be updated. This is one option our team at Connect4 uses with scheduling tools - when we do, we include the Connect4 URL "" as the meeting location and a message with details on how to register or join the meeting.

Let's see what that looks like:

After a meeting has been scheduled using Calendly, take a moment to update the invitation with the Connect4 pod's meeting URL and update invite.

Simply navigate to the client or prospect pod you'd like to use (FYI - this may require creating a new pod depending on the circumstance). Copy the pod's unique URL (see browser bar). Navigate to the invitation, hit edit & paste the link. Hit save to send to all invitees.

Once you've shared the pod's URL, go into the pod to schedule the Connect4 meeting and set the agenda for the meeting. Before your meeting, use the "Email agenda" to the participants to ensure they are ready for your meeting.

We realise this workflow may be an extra step for many used to using their personal video conference meeting room. And, we're busy developing an alternative option to make this fit the needs of our customers.

While we work on this, we want to provide you the ability to transition into using Connect4 using either option above to deliver the flexibility to achieve your goal of 1. scheduling a meeting easily and 2. delivering impactful meeting.

We hope these help with the difficult scheduling process to get to the heart of your client relationship development - the meeting. Use this flexible transition to get a prospect or client into using the power of Connect4 pods to drive productive and impactful meetings!

We appreciate your patience and support as we develop further.

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