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Using Calendly with Connect4
Using Calendly with Connect4

Finding a time in your diary is easy is with Calendly. Read on to find out how to use it with Connect4.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Coordinating diaries to schedule a meeting has become easier thanks to great scheduling applications like Calendly. Use Calendly alongside Connect4 to schedule meetings.

There are two processes that can be used with Connect4 based on whether you use Connect4 as a client facing tool or only as an internal meeting management tool.

Option 1: Client Facing Tool

Step 1: Update meeting location in Calendly

When first setting up Calendly, you'll be asked to provide a default meeting link to indicate where you'll be meeting. For many this has been a personal video conference meeting room.

To use with Connect4- the Calendly meeting location can be updated to in the custom field:

July 26, 2022 10:01:44 am - Screenshot

After a meeting has been scheduled using Calendly, take a moment to update the calendar invitation with the Connect4 pod's meeting URL.

Simply navigate to the client or prospect pod you'd like to use (this may require creating a new pod if the first time meeting on Connect4 with this client). Copy the pod's unique URL from the browser and update the meeting location in the calendar.

The pod URL will be in the format of: ''

October 26, 2022 10:16:26 am - Screenshot

Note: If you do not update the calendar- the client can still enter the relevant meeting room but will need to register on Connect4 with the same email you invited them with.

What the client sees?

When your client clicks the generic Connect4 meeting link in their calendar they will be directed to this page to register and join the meeting.

July 26, 2022 9:45:36 am - Screenshot

Step 2: Update agenda + create meeting in Connect4

Add the meeting and agenda in Connect4 to reflect the time booked in via Calendly.

You will not need to add the meeting to the calendar again via Connect4.

Step 3: Click URL in calendar invite. Connect to meeting.

Once ready for the meeting, use the link in the calendar invitation to start the meeting.

Option 2: Internal Tool only

With this option the client will not login to Connect4 and the purpose of Connect4 will be to provide a script for your meeting and to set internal actions and create a meeting history for you and your team.

Step 1: Create meeting in Connect4 once booked in Calendly

Once a meeting has been booked in with you- create the meeting (and client if not already done so) in Connect4 and set your agenda.

Note: You can use a Zapier integration so that the meeting instance is created automatically for clients you already have created in Connect4.

Step 2: Time of meeting

At the time of the meeting open up Connect4 alongside your video conferencing tool to follow your agenda and take your meeting notes and actions.

If you have any questions on which flow is best for you please do get in touch.

We also are continuing to work on and improve the scheduling process in Connect4.

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