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How to use with Karbon?
How to use with Karbon?

Use Connect4's post meeting email workflow to have the email picked up by Karbon.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Are you using Connect4 for your client meetings? If the answer is yes (we hope so!), we're happy to share that the post meeting email sent via your Connect4 pods will be picked up in Karbon!

It's solid practice to send a summary email for meeting attendees recapping the discussion with meeting notes and any agreed next steps. For Karbon users, this summary email can be found in your Karbon Triage for your internal workflows.

Let's explore the workflow starting in Connect4.

Step 1: End Meeting. Draft Summary Email.

Upon ending the meeting, the host (aka. captain or team member) will be navigated to the post meeting space. After completing Meeting Notes and adding any Recordings, navigate to the "Summary Email" tab to start drafting an email to all attendees.

Step 2: Choose email content. Hit Send.

Choose what content you'd like to include in the body of the email to the pod members. These option are:

  • Meeting notes in full

  • Outstanding actions

  • Personal message

Check the box you'd like to have included in the body of the email.

When selecting "personal message" type up your message to be sent to all those included - this is your space to impress.

Now, switch over to Karbon.

Step 3: Check your Karbon Triage

The email will be sent to all pod members - including you. If your email address is setup to your Karbon account, you'll receive a copy of the Summary Email sent post meeting.

This email will have the has a personalised message, the meeting minutes and actions for the attendees to reference any meeting collateral.

Step 4: Start your Karbon workflow

The Connect4 pod members on the email that are in your Karbon account as a contacts will have this email added to their timeline.

From here, use the Karbon workflow to be able to take next steps and add any new contacts as needed. Also, the body of the email contains links to the Connect4 to bring your directly back to the pod effortlessly.

Our teammate Jon has been testing this workflow in Karbon to make sure all is working - check out his video here.

Looking to bring your meeting actions into Karbon?

You can now with the Connect4 & Karbon integration. Explore this article to learn how to setup the connection in your account today!

Happy with that? Great, we're happy to help make your meeting workflows and practice management workflows top notch!

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