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How do I upgrade my subscription?
How do I upgrade my subscription?

We're excited to hear you're finding value in Connect4! Let's explore how to upgrade here.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Upgrading your organisation's subscription package in Connect4 is an easy process. To illustrate the steps here is a quick video to get your started:

And, below are the steps to guide you through the process:

Step 1. My organisation > Billing

Log into Connect4 and go to your avatar in the top right. Click the avatar to access the drop down menu and click My organisation. Organisation owners will have access to the Billing section.

Note: Not sure if you're the account owner, no worries! In Connect4, go to your avatar in the top right and click to access the drop down menu. Choose My Organisation to see if you have access to Billing as shown above.

Step 2. Billing > Upgrade

In Billing, click on "Upgrade" to explore the subscription packages available. The subscription packages can included options such as pod counts to monthly or annual payments for your to choose from.

Once ready, select "Choose plan" of the package you'd like to proceed with. Then click "Proceed to billing"

Step 3. Subscribe

Complete the transaction by entering the requested details then click "Subscribe" to upgrade your package.

Congrats you're all sorted with your new package!

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