Deleting a meeting

Maintain a clean history of past meetings in a pod by using deleting meetings when needed.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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The past meetings functionality of pods enables relationships to be accountable over time. However, from time to time, a pod captain may need to review past meetings and delete those that were "No shows" or cancelled to keep that history tidy.

Here's a quick step by step guide on how to delete a meeting as a pod captain.

Step 1: Enter Pod. Navigate to Past Meetings.

In your My Pods dashboard, find the pod you want to review. Enter the pod & navigate to the Past Meetings tab on the right to see the history of your meetings in the pod.

Step 2: Edit meeting. Delete meeting.

As a team member or pod captain, you'll see the option to "Edit" to the right. When in the post meeting view, you'll see in the right in the Meeting Minutes tab. If you're a pod captain, you'll be able to use the red Delete button to delete the meeting from the Past Meeting history.

Note: Team members will not have the Delete Meeting button option. Contact the pod captain to arrange for deleting a meeting.

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