What are clusters?

Organise your pods to quickly filter based on assigned cluster. Let's explore how to & best practices.

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Did you know that you can quickly access pods using clusters? We know, that's pretty nifty! Let's dive right in to get your dashboard deck out & uber efficient.

What is a cluster?

A cluster is an assignment to a pod. These are used to quickly find a set of pods based on the cluster you've assigned to them. For example, this Connect4 account has been setup with 3 clusters - external, clients and internal.

Where do I find & use clusters?

Cluster are found and used on your Connect4 dashboard. When you log into your account, look in the left hand panel and you'll find clusters!

Clusters are used to quickly filter the dashboard views to show a specific cluster of pods. Simply click on the name of the cluster you want to filter to use their power.

How do I add a cluster?

Get started by clicking "+ Add / manage clusters" then start going crazy!

Enter the "Cluster name" and select a colour to assign for the dashboard view.

How do I manage my clusters?

As with above, click on "+ Add / manage clusters" then use the edit icon (see arrow below) to change the name or colour at any time.

How do I delete a cluster?

As with above, click on "+ Add / manage clusters" then use the trash icon (see arrow above) to delete the cluster. This will remove any assigned cluster to any of those pods with that assignment.

How do I assign a cluster to a pod?

There are two ways to assign a cluster to a pod depending on your role in the pod.

1. As a pod participant, you can assign the pod to a cluster through the dashboard. Find the pod's tile then click "Edit pod", choose from the drop down to "Assign pod to cluster" and click "Save".

2. As a pod owner/captain, you can assign the pod a cluster either through the dashboard or in the pod. In either location, click on "Edit pod" then navigate to "Add to cluster" and "Save pod."

What are best practices?

At Connect4 we recommend using names that will work for you. Across our users, the most consistently users names are:

  • Clients

  • Prospects

  • Onboarding

  • Internal

  • 1-1s

As for colours, well we're particularly keen on our favourites of:

  • Violet

  • Pink

  • Mint

  • Canary

You find what works for your brand or personal style!

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