Life is more fun with friends - add your team members into your Organisation so they can create pods and hold meetings too.

Who can be a Team Member?

Great question! Let's kick off by going over three user types in an Organisation:

  • There is one Account Owner who manages the billing and has the ability to delete users associated with the Organisation. Normally the business owner or team manager.

  • The other members of the Organisation are Team Members. They are invited to join an Organisation by the Account Owner or another Team Member with permission to add manage Team Members.

  • External organisation meeting participants are Pod Members. These Members are only invited into Pods as meeting participants using the email address they were invited on.

We recommend inviting your own team as Team Members and those external - clients, customers, partners, prospects, mentees - meeting participants as members directly in their specific Pod.

Adding a Team Member to your Organisation

Adding a Team Member is simple. In Connect4, navigate to the top right hand corner of the screen and click on your profile photo/avatar then select 'My Organisation' to access your organisation team list. At the bottom of your team list, click on the "Add Team Member button:

Here add your team member's email address. Check the box to allow this team member to add other team members. Click Save.

Note - if you don't have the below, ask the Owner or a Team Member with the rights to change your permission.

Once invited they will receive an email to create their Connect4 profile.

Why should I add Team Members?

The benefit of having Team Members is they have the ability to create new pods, run any meeting they are a member of, be assigned actions, and access the Organisation's saved templates.

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