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How do I add a team member?
How do I add a team member?

Add team members to your organisation so they can create pods and hold meetings too.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Who can add team members?

You can add new team members as long as you’ve checked the following:

  1. Your organisation is on any Team plan (or on a trial).

  2. You are the account owner or an admin user (see below).

Adding a new team member

Adding someone to your team on Connect is easy:

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right corner and select My organisation.

  2. Click Add team member. Type out your teammate’s email address and click ‘Save’.

    Add a new teammate
  3. You’re done! If your teammate has not joined Connect4 yet, they will receive an invite. Once they’ve registered, they’re free to start making pods!

Import your team from Karbon

Instead of adding team members manually, Karbon users can import their team directly.

Import your teams from Karbon

Assign account admins

Any team member can also be made an account admin. Account admins can invite new team members and have greater visibility over shared pods across an organisation (just like the account owner).

To assign an account admin, simply invite someone as a regular team member, and then check the box next to their name (see image above). Note they will need to have registered before you can make them an 'Account Admin'.

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