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How do I join a Connect4 Meeting?
How do I join a Connect4 Meeting?

You've been invited to a Connect4 meeting. Let's go through how to join and what you can do before your first meeting.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Congrats! You've been invited to join a Connect4 meeting. This is an exciting time because you're working with or at a client centric organisation. What does that mean? A client centric organisation is focussed on making your meeting and all following meeting progressive and productive.

Why Connect4?

Organisations using Connect4 have looked for a build for purpose client meeting platform designed for progressing client relations. Connect4 allows organisations to conduct meetings seamlessly when you cannot meet in person and manage pre and post meeting work effectively. Before the meeting, in the dedicated pod you've been invited to you'll will find the meeting agenda and key resources to prepare. After the meeting, you will receive an email with meeting notes and next step action items from the meeting captain. These will also be in your dedicated pod for referencing between meetings. Learn more here.

Ready, Set, Connect!

Navigate to the meeting calendar invitation to find the link to your dedicated pod.

Note: Use the email address you received our invitation on. If you forget your password, simply click Forgotten password? to reset.

First time on Connect4?

Quickly register using the email address on the calendar invitation. Click on the meeting link in your calendar invitation and you'll be navigated to the below screen to create your account:

Already registered with Connect4?

Great! Click on the meeting link in your calendar invitation and you'll be navigated to Login to Connect4 as shown below:

Join the Pod

Once logged in, you'll be navigated into your dedicated pod. Click on Connect to join the meeting:

Check, check (mic & camera)

Before joining, you'll be prompted to choose the correct camera and microphone to connect with. Simply use the drop downs to find the right equipment for your computer. The preview image will help you troubleshoot.

Don't want to use a camera? Don't worry - use the drop down for "Video camera device" to select "No camera" as shown below:

When ready click Join Meeting.

Pod Meeting: What can I do?

Once in the room, you'll be able to see the other meeting participants. Also, you'll have access on the screen to use the following live throughout the meeting:

  • Agenda

  • Minutes - where you can view what's being noted live

  • Actions - where actions are assigned to participants

  • Past meetings - meeting minutes & summary videos from pod past meetings

  • Resources - any links & files provided for this meeting & past

  • Private - a free form note area just for your eyes

Below is the view of a meeting Captain's screen. As a participant, your's will look slightly different:

Also, the host of the meeting can share their screen at any time. You can hit the X to cancel viewing or View Share Screen to come back.

All done: What Now?

As a participant, you will have the option Leave Meeting to exit the meeting. Once you've left the meeting you'll be back in your pod. Here you can access many of the items from the meeting. The meeting captain will share the meeting minutes upon updating anything post meeting - you may receive an email.

You're welcome to come back into the pod at any time to access the content - even between meetings!

Hope this article has helped! Please rate it and add comments below to help us ensure we're covering the questions that are top of mind for our Connect4 Community.

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