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Mac Users: Cannot Share Screen on Google Chrome
Mac Users: Cannot Share Screen on Google Chrome

Apple introduced new security and privacy features with macOS Catalina. Learn how to enable screen sharing for Connect4.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

If you've joined a Connect4 pod & tried to share your screen, but couldn't. It may be because of your Mac Settings!

For those using a MacOS, you've likely upgraded to macOS Catalina. For those on Catalina version 10.15 or later, you must grant access to the new Screen Recording Permission in order to share your screen on Connect4.

It's a very quick process that will take a few steps - and you don't have to end your meeting!

Step 1. Enable screen sharing

Leave your pod by clicking Leave Pod. This will allow other meeting attendees to stay in the pod while you make a quick change.

When first joining a Connect4 pod on macOS Catalina, you’ll be asked to enable the Screen Recording permission for Google Chrome. Here a window will pop up like the below, click "Open System Preferences".

Didn't get the pop-up? Do not worry. You can manually open by going to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Screen Recording

Step 2. Check Box. (Maybe Unlock first)

In the Screen Recording, you'll see a box next to Google Chrome or Safari. Click the box.

(Note: if you see the locked icon in the bottom left, click it & enter your password to unlock & check box.)

Step 3. Quit Now. Restart Chrome.

You'll get a prompt similar to the below. Click Quit Now. Then restart Connect4 on Google Chrome.

Ready, Set, Rejoin!

Now open Chrome. Navigate back to your pod & click Connect to rejoin your meeting.

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