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How to review last meeting notes?
How to review last meeting notes?

Know where you left off by reviewing the meeting notes entered from the last meeting (and all prior meetings) hosted in the pod.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Prepare for your upcoming meeting by reviewing the meeting notes left from the prior meeting or meetings in the pod. Access these for a quick download by following these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Pod

Find the Pod. Click on the Pod name.

Step 2: Find Past Meeting

On the right panel in Past Meetings find the date of the meeting and click on the meeting date/time to access pod.

Step 3: Watch & Read

This will show any Meeting Notes, Meeting Summary & Meeting URLs provided post meeting by the host. Also, the Actions tab will show any open or completed actions recorded in all previous meetings.

Need to edit or send a post meeting email?

Hit Edit to open up the post meeting workflow of:

  • Meeting minutes

  • Actions

  • Recordings

  • Email summary

Support articles are available in Intercom for customers to access at any time. We will be updating as new updates are made into the system. Below are the nominated new articles and historically created articles for reference.

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