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How do I add recordings after my meetings?
How do I add recordings after my meetings?

Add a 60 second meeting summary video or a URL of the Loom recording after your meeting with these quick steps.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Adding a quick 60 second video summary after your meeting gives attendees (and you) a reminder of your meeting. And (or), when you've opted to record your meetings with a recording system such as Loom, you can also provide attendees the option to view that recording by adding an URL for future reference post meeting.

Here are the steps to do both.

Step 1. Access Recordings tab.

After a meeting has ended, the meeting host will automatically be navigated to the past meeting view. (If you'd like to edit a previous meeting, navigate to the Pod > Past Meetings tab > find Meeting date & time > hit "Edit")

In right hand panel, navigate to the "Recordings" tab:

Step 2: Record a meeting summary video

Click "Record New Summary" and start talking! You'll have 60 seconds to speak. Click the red FINISH button to end.

The video will upload into the location for viewing by attendees & inclusion in the Summary Email.

You can redo your meeting summary video by simply hitting "Record New Summary" Note: This will delete your previous video.

Step 3: Embed a Loom recording

If you've used a meeting recording tool such as Loom, you can add the URL to access that meeting in the provided space (see below) and clicking "Save".

Copying a link from Loom:

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