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How do I use Connect4 Expert Agenda templates?
How do I use Connect4 Expert Agenda templates?

We have created a library of different suggested types of meeting agendas. Load an Expert Agenda template and edit to suit your needs.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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What are Expert Agendas?

We've compiled a library of agendas that we think expertly handle meeting structure and will take your pod meetings to the next level.

There are loads of different types of meetings that you could be having on Connect4 – from candidate interviews to client meetings to 1-1 check-ins. We've written the agenda items and assigned the timings for each task so that you can save time doing your meeting prep.

Here is how you access and load these Expert Agendas from the template agenda library. We hope you enjoy and they help you in your next pod meeting!

How to access and load Expert Agendas

From your pod, navigate to your 'Edit agenda' page. Once you're here, head to the template agenda library.

Navigate to the 'Expert' tab.

August 1, 2022 4:03:22 pm - Screenshot

Hover over the Expert Agenda title that you'd like to load to your pod and click on the template. Click 'OK' when presented with the following message:

Note: When you apply any template agenda, any existing items on your agenda will be lost.

Can I edit an Expert Agenda?

Yes! Once the Expert Agenda is loaded (or 'restored') you will be able to edit each agenda item as you usually would. Remember that all of your changes will save automatically. You can edit all elements of the agenda item to serve your needs – including changing the timings of each item.

How do I save my edited agenda?

Once you've edited an Expert Agenda and made it relevant to your company or clients, you can save these edited versions as templates for future use.

These can be saved as Personal or Shared templates – find more information on creating, saving and accessing Personal and Shared template agendas.

Remember that Shared template agendas are accessible by your whole team.

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