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How do I create a template agenda?
How do I create a template agenda?

If you use a similar agenda regularly, save it as a template for personal or team use.

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Once you've created an agenda in your Connect4 pod, it may well be applicable to similar meetings in the future.

If you haven't created an agenda yet, have a read of 'how to create an agenda'.

We've made it easy to save the agenda as a template. When you've made one you really like, save it! Template agendas are easily accessible in the 'Edit agenda' page and make your meeting prep so much quicker.

How to create a template agenda

When you've previewed the agenda you'd like to use as a template and made edits, slide over the 'Save as a template' toggle. Give your template a name and choose what type of template it will be (i.e. 'Personal' which means just for you or 'Shared' which means for your wider organisation). Then click "Save template."

You'll see your new agenda template appear on the left-hand side of the agenda items.

Personal vs Shared Template Agendas

Personal: Just for you

These templates will be saved to the 'Personal' tab of your template agenda library.

You can load these templates to your pod by simply clicking on the title and then clicking 'OK' when asked, 'Are you sure you want to apply this template?'.

**Note that when you apply a template agenda, any existing items on your agenda will be lost.

You can edit the items of a template agenda once the template is loaded (here's further information on how to edit agenda items). This means that you can customise a more general template to cater for a specific meeting.

All of your changes save automatically.

To delete a template agenda that appears in your personal folder, simply hover over the template and then click the dustbin icon.

You can't change the name of a template agenda. If you would like to replace a template agenda, simply load the template and save it under a new name. Go to the old template and delete it.

Shared: For all in your team

Shared agendas are saved into the 'Shared' tab of your template agenda library.

These shared templates are accessible to all of the team members within your organisation and team members can access, edit and delete the shared templates.

To save a template agenda to your organisation's 'Shared' tab, follow the same steps as you did above when saving a Personal template. Select 'Shared' as the template type, however, and this will send the template straight to the 'Shared' tab in your template agenda library.

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