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How do I create an agenda?
How do I create an agenda?

A step-by-step guide for creating the visible agenda in your Connect4 pods.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Once you've created a pod and meeting, the next thing you need is your agenda. If you want to create your own from scratch, this is what you do!
Agendas on Connect4 are made up of agenda items.

How do I create an agenda?

Let's go through how to create an agenda from scratch.

Step 1: Making an agenda item

To start your agenda, click the 'Edit agenda' button. Any team member in the pod can edit the agenda.

Once you're taken to the agenda screen, you need to begin adding your items. Do this by clicking the 'Add item' button.

Be sure to edit the 'Heading' input field to name your agenda item. If it's your first item, something like 'Introductions' is a great starting point.

Step 2: How to assign timings to each agenda item

It's really valuable to consider the timing for each agenda item carefully. When you're editing your agenda items, the timing drop down menu is just to the right of the item's Heading field.

Choose how many minutes you'd like to spend on each item. If you want some tips on making your meetings really time efficient, check out this post on the Connect4 Blog.

Step 3: Adding features to your agenda item

You can add all sorts of great text features to your individual agenda items. You do this in the menu underneath the Heading and Time fields.

Here are some of the ways you can make your item more productive!

Choose different text styles

Find various text editing tools here

Step 4: Hyperlinking in your agenda item

You can hyperlink words within your agenda items. Make your meeting efficient with all of the relevant links for pod members embedded in your agenda.

If your pod members click on these links during the meeting, they will open in new tabs and your Connect4 tab will stay open with the meeting running. This way you can all reference the same website without leaving the pod.

Step 5: Drag and Drop and items

With all of your items added to your agenda, what if you wanted to move or re-order them? This is totally possible with our Drag and Drop feature.

If you click on the drag icon and move and release where you'd like, your item will be moved.

Step 6: Preview your agenda

Now you've added all of your items, if you want to give your agenda a preview before exiting to the pod, click the 'Preview agenda' button.

Step 7: Automatic saving

Remember that your agenda saves automatically as you're working on adding your items. You don't have to worry about losing anything!

If you're unsure check the date and time to see the last save.

Step 8: How to delete an item

When you want to delete an item, just click the dustbin icon and it will erase.

Step 9: How to exit to pod

When you have finished creating all of your agenda items, and they've saved automatically, you can click 'Exit to pod' and your agenda will now appear in the pod for all members.

Can meeting participant suggest topics?

Team member who are pod participants are able to use the above functionality to add to the agenda with you.

Also, meeting participants outside of your organisation can also suggest topics for any scheduled meeting by using the "Suggest a talking point" in the pod.

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