The most common mistake when your meeting guest hasn't turned up to a meeting.

First thing to check- if this a users first time using Connect4 have they created an account yet?

You will know as their name will show in a pod as opposed to simply the email address you invited the user in with.

Here both users have signed up:

Here all four users have signed up:

Here one user, added to the pod with email '[email protected]' has not yet registered an account with that email address.

Next steps if not registered an account

The attendee may have registered an accountant with a different email address- confirm with them the email address you invited them to the meeting with is the one they have used to create an account.

The spelling will need to be exact however capitalisation does not matter.

Not solved it?

Two other quick fixes:

1) Confirm the user is on a chrome browser on a laptop?

2) Confirm the user has clicked the connect button to join the meeting.

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