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Can I edit the agenda whilst in a Meeting?
Can I edit the agenda whilst in a Meeting?

Agenda change whilst in a meeting

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Did you get into a meeting and realise an updated wasn't added?! Have no fear you can make that adjustment while the meeting is ongoing!

Both the pod captain or any team member added as participant are able to edit an agenda whilst a meeting is in progress.

Step 1. Join meeting. Click "Edit Agenda".

When you've joined a meeting, you'll see on the Agenda a button to "Edit agenda."

Step 2. Edit agenda. Click "Exit to pod."

You'll be automatically navigated to a new tab to quickly adjust the agenda while the meeting carries on. Participants will have no change their side.

Make your changes. The edits to the meeting agenda will auto save for participant to see live. Click "Exit to pod."

Step 3. Rejoin meeting.

Once edits are complete, either close the edit agenda tab or click into the meeting tab.

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