Connect4 is built for individuals or small teams. Every organisation has an account owner who can invite team members to Connect4 to start creating their own pods for clients or internal meetings.

Creating an organisation

In order to create a pod you need to first create an organisation.

To create an organisation simply select 'Get Started' or 'My organisation' in the header bar.

Select 'Add an organisation':

Add the organisation name and website address (if you have one).

How do I add my colleagues into my organisation account?

Firstly it is important to understand user permissions.

Connect4 has three user levels specific to every Organisation:

  • There is one account owner who manages the billing and has the ability to delete users associated with the organisation. Normally this is the business owner.

  • You can add a number of team members or account admins — they are invited to join an organisation by the account owner or another team member. Team members can create their own pods and an account admin can also see all of the teams pods (that are not private) just like the account owner.

  • Attendees are people who are invited to meetings in your pods but who are not members of you team — these are likely you clients.

Adding a team member to your Organisation

Adding a team member to Connect4 is easy. Go to 'My organisation' from the main menu and select 'Add team member' to add your teammates email addresses. You have the option of giving each team member the ability to invite other team members into the organisation.

The benefit of being a team member is the ability to create new pods and access saved agenda templates across an organisation.

Once invited, team members will receive an email to create their Connect4 profile.

Can I create more than one Connect4 Organisation?

Yes, you can 'Add an Organisation' for as many organisations as you require. When creating a new Pod you will be asked which organisation you want that Pod to be associated with.

However remember billing and template sharing is done at the organisation level.

What does deleting an Organisation do?

Deleting an organisation will delete all associated team members access to pods they have created and all meeting summaries or saved resources i.e. be sure you want to delete an organisation before going ahead! You will continue to have access to any pods you are an attendee of.

You will need to confirm the warning message that appears in order to confirm the action:

If you have any questions as always you can click on the yellow icon on the bottom right of your screen and type a question.

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