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What is a Connect4 Pod Captain?
What is a Connect4 Pod Captain?

Explaining why having a Pod Captain is so important to productivity.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Why does every Connect4 Pod have a Captain? What does a Captain do?

Connect4 Pod's are built on the science behind effective online meetings. It is central to everything we build. One pain point identified by video conferencing users was the lack of clarity on who was running the meeting.

Who moves the meeting on to the next agenda item? Who decides who should be in the meeting? Who ensures the meeting agenda is clear?

That is where a Pod Captain comes in.

Who is the Pod Captain?

By default the Captain is the person who creates a new Pod.


What does a Pod Captain do?

A Pod Captain's role has four main components:

  • Invite Pod Attendees

  • Select the meeting agenda

  • Assign the meeting editor

  • Confirm the meeting time and confirm follow-up meetings.

Who should be the Pod Captain?

This will depend on the nature of the meeting.

The Captain might be:

  • A Manager if for Performance Appraisals in a software Company.

  • A software company Business Development Manager if Implementing software with an Accounting firm customer.

  • A Senior Manager in an Accounting firm if a Tax Planning meeting for a High Net Worth Individual.

  • A business coach if running a Mastermind Group with a group of clients.

Can I change the Captain of a pod?

Team members who are added as pod participants are able to edit the meeting minutes, agendas and run meeting without the Captain. As such, changing the Captain will results in having control of the pod to delete past meetings or formal handing over of the Captain status to someone else.

To change the Captain of a pod, you will need to be the current Captain. If that's your role in the pod, simple enter the pod and navigate to the Pod members list.

Hover over the name of your team member to show the "Make Captain" option as show below. Click on "Make Captain" then "Ok" on the window to confirm.

This action will reassign the captain. Now that team member can delete past meetings and reassign the captain status.

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