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How is Connect4 different from Zoom?
How is Connect4 different from Zoom?

How is Connect4 different from Zoom or other video conferencing platforms.

Written by Andrew Jordon
Updated over a week ago

Zoom is a versatile platform for quick chats or large training sessions. It is not however built with productivity in mind or the way teams work most effectively. At Connect4 we are all about deep online connections that value people and their time.

Meetings should progress from one to another, have outcomes and action items that should be followed up on, and often have supporting documents.

Connect4 as the Online Meeting Platform of choice for businesses

Low Bandwidth

Connect4 operates effectively in low-bandwidth environments so if clients, colleagues or customers are in an unstable Wifi spot- the meeting can still go ahead.

Connect4 video quality ranks 50% higher than alternatives achieved through intelligent bandwidth allocation, with globally distributed media servers.

Templated agendas

Templated agenda's allow for organisations to have consistency in their approach with client service. Perfect for accounting or legal firms as well as for software companies delivering customer service or account management services.

We also have an ever expanding public library of meeting agenda's to allow you to look smarter in-front of your clients in all sorts of types of meetings.

Similarly you can save meeting agenda's to your personal library. Useful for remembering to ask specific questions in your one-one check-ins with team members. How is your mum's health? Have you managed to move flat to Coventry yet?

Useful preparation room

Don't waste time waiting for a meeting to start or come unprepared.

If a first meeting- watch the individual's introduction video which explains their role. Alternatively you can click through to their Linkedin. On Connect4 you can add in specialists for a one off meeting (for example a VAT specialist for an accounting client) so allow the client to know who they are meeting ahead of time.

You can also view the upcoming meeting agenda, or any documents added for the meeting in the Resources section such as management reports.

Meeting summaries

Meetings should have outputs otherwise they are chats.

On paid Zoom accounts you can access full recordings of previous meetings. The trouble often is- people don't want a full 45 minute recording if they missed a meeting. They just want the takeaways.

On Connect4 each meeting has a Captain running the meeting and keeping to the dynamic meeting agenda as well as a meeting Editor. The meeting Editor records the meetings action items or minutes and completes a 60 second meeting summary recording which is stored in Previous Meetings or can be downloaded and emailed.

Store Resources

Store documents within your Pod preparation and meeting rooms for easy access during a meeting. Perfect for saving down email feedback to justify quarterly performance ratings with a team member. Alternatively for putting relevant resources for the meeting attendees. You can also embed in recorded videos of management reports walkthroughs, year end summaries or how to best use certain software.

Get in touch with questions or feedback

Connect4 is built with online meetings in mind- but it can be used as effectively to structure in person meetings.

We have more great features in the pipeline for Connect4 but we want to hear from you and the challenges you have in your team. Please do comment or upvote on our public product roadmap or get in touch with feedback or feature requests. We look forward to seeing you on Connect4!

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