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What is a pod?
What is a pod?

Pods are where meetings happen.

Written by Andrew Jordon
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Pods are where meetings happen. It’s a place for client relationships and ongoing projects to develop over time. A pod is a single safe space that can be returned to time and again.

Here you can access records of past meetings, conduct video calls and set meeting actions.

Where do I find a pod?

Log into your Connect4 account. Any pod(s) you are a participant of are found on the home view upon logging into your Connect4 account. Below is an example:

How do I access a Pod?

A pod is available for participants to access at any time - even when you don't have meeting scheduled.

Simply click on the pod you want to view in your home and you'll be navigated into the Pod.

Once in the pod, here you will be able to access:

  • List of Pod participants

  • Pod Resources

  • Your private notes

  • Connect button to join next meeting

  • Agenda for upcoming meeting

  • Past meeting history - including video executive summary & meeting minutes

  • Actions

How do I start a new pod?

Now that you know what a pod is, it's time to start connecting!

Check out article on how to start a pod here.

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